Ensuring these truly are your golden years

Badisa and therefore Plumstead Rusoord as a program of Badisa, is ministry of compassion for the Dutch Reformed Church: Western Cape and the United Reformed Church: Cape. Plumstead Rusoord is faith based social welfare home for the elderly which is value-driven with Jesus Christ as our role model.

As we reflects on the history of Plumstead Rusoord, home for the elderly we must Honor the memory of Ds. F.N.B. Liebenberg who initiated the building of Rusoord. Ds. Bobbie was the Chairman of the Building committee, formed in 1979 from the Plumstead Dutch Reformed Church. Rusoord was his dream came true. The first task of the building committee was to draw up the building plans. An Architect Mr. Stander was chosen to do the drawing the plans were finalized in 1983. Meanwhile a suitable site were selected behind the Three Arts Building and bought for the sum of R3500.00. Their next task of the building committee was to find finance for the building project. Through the mediation of the Goeie Hoop Behuisingsmaatskappy,  Dutch Reformed Church organization a bond arrangement with the government was established for the amount of 3 million rand 1986. At last in 1987 the building was completed and first occupants moved in 1st October 1987. The home was registered for 95 residents and 46 flats in 31 October 1988. Rusoord started as one man’s dream but is now many people’s home.

Since 2011 two more buildings were built to add 48 luxury one, two and three bedroom flats for independent living. Since 2013 Plumstead Rusoord become PlumRus and now with PlumRus Residential Accommodation:

  • 92 Rooms, share, single, spacious and penthouse( with own bathroom only 5)
  • 40 Bachelor flats
  • 27 One Bedroom flats
  • 32 Two Bedrooms flats
  • 3 Three Bedrooms flats

as well as PlumRus  Community Service Center to be expanded as multiple community services centers in Plumstead and surrounding area.



What Makes PlumRus Residential Home for the Elderly Different?

PlumRus is a home for the elderly that is situated in the beautiful Constantia Valley of Cape Town. The idyllic setting is perfect for the 233 residents who either live in Residential Home: bachelor, one, two or 3 bedrooms flats or rooms and utilize the services created by our PlumRus Residential Home
Utilize the services created by our Community Service Centers in Plumstead and surroundings.

We are not a hospital, doctors , pharmacy or ambulance service but professionals in basic care.

Residential accommodation with professional basic care services  

  • Comfortable, elegant accommodation; independent living, assisted living and frail care with beautiful gardens
  • Balance nutrition and tasty catering from Coffee in bed, three meals and late night snack with hot chocolate in homely environment
  • 24 x 7 nursing and basic care
  • Friendly, helpful well coach staff and hands on management
  • Comprehensive cleaning and laundry services
  • Around the clock security and risk management
  • Medicine administration in blister packs
  • Universal telephone and WI Fi system for internally as well as externally freedom  – you can keep your Telkom number, skype, face time, face book, twitter and instagram
  • Transport to doctors, dentist, hospital, shops, malls or friends when available
  • DSTV bundle as option
  • Recreation areas for stimulation and fun activities to enjoyed
  • Coffee Shop during the week and Fridays nights
  • Spiritual wellness program

Community Service Centers services with professional home base care

  • Membership per year with many benefits for the elderly
  • Home base care at your private accommodation in Plumstead and surroundings
  • Bundle basic care services to choose from; 6 hours per day or night up to  24 x 7  full time care according to the need of the elderly
  • Day care at PlumRus Residential or at the decentralize Community  Service Centers
  • Clinic services by professional sisters at the decentralize Community Service Centers
  • Balance meals at PlumRus or as a take away at the decentralize Community Service Centers
  • Stimulation and fun activities at PlumRus Residential or at the decentralize Community Service Centers to be enjoyed
  • Safe and secure environment at decentralize Community Service Centers
  • Transport to doctors, dentist, hospital, shops, mall or friends when available
  • Need a Community Service Centre in your community near Plumstead and surroundings we will decentralize

PlumRus is simultaneously creating a safe, happy, homely environment at our Residential accommodation or decentralize community service center.

We are focussed on encouraging our elderly community to appreciate and seize every day as a gift.

Our Vision for 2020

Allow PlumRus Residential Home to make 2020 the best time of your retire life


When the going gets tough in 2020 PlumRus Community Centers gets you going

PlumRus has the sole, purposeful mission to render an effective elderly care service at PlumRus Residential and at our decentralize Community Service Centers in Plumstead and surroundings.

This will be accomplished by means of:

  1. Dedicated programme for independent living, assisted living and frail care
  2. Community Service Centers for elderly in the community to meet and collaborate on various initiatives
  3. Develop a PlumRus Community in which stakeholders, businesses, friends and family members can participate and be involved in caring for the elderly
  4. Develop special care for elderly with dementia living independently, or who need assistance of frail care or home base care or at basics care at our decentralize Community Service Centers
  5. Securing residential accommodation and community service center service operations of PlumRus for long term stability
  6. Promotion of development of our staff


  • Mr Joey Pillay (Chairman)
  • Mr Wilbur van Niekerk
  • Mr Leon Ellis
  • Mrs Hazel Meihuizen
  • Mr. Freddie Roelofse
  • Mrs. Lesley de Bruyns
  • Mr. Roy Binedell
  • Mr. Bernie Laufs
  • Mr. Frans Boonzaaier
  • Mr. Danie Rossouw
  • Mr. Malcolm McKnight
  • Mrs. Diane Slabbert
  • Mrs. Cora Welz
  • Mr. George Holtzhausen: Manager



NPO Number: 011-891

Vat Number: 4040118194



Account Name: Plumstead Rusoord Board Account
Account Number: 450 640 409
Account Type: Current Account
Branch Name: Wynberg
Branch Code: 632005