Current status: Level 1 lockdown

Thorough sanitization and disinfection of all work areas throughout the day
Distribution of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser throughout the space
All staff provided with personal protective equipment
Marked spaces to maintain social distancing in common areas
Temperature screening on entry for all members, visitors, and staff
Raising awareness with staff around best practice hygiene practices

Ceylan Thomson

Ceylan Thomson


Dear Members, Visitors, Neighbors, and Friends,

As we slowly return to “normalcy” after the government-mandated lockdown, we acknowledge that the world won’t be the same as before, at least for quite a while.

Our first and foremost priority is making Craft+Graft a safe space during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have implemented important steps to safeguard everybody’s health and comply with the government-mandated guidelines regarding hygiene and Covid-19 prevention measures.

During Level 3, our office will be open to all businesses. Access to the office will only be allowed after 8:00 am to give our staff enough time to clean the place in the morning and take your temperature upon your arrival. Our coffee shop is open as usual from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and strict adherence to these new rules and regulations. The entire Craft+Graft team is looking forward to welcoming you back to our space soon.

If you would like more information or for any feedback, please email us at hello@craftgraft.co.za or call (021) 201-1263.

Thank you for your support – we’re in this together.

Ceylan Thomson
Owner + Managing Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent your space during the lockdown?

  • During Level 3, office space and meeting rooms are available to all businesses. We are currently offering attractive discounts to new members who sign up this month. Please contact us for more details.

Which services are you offering during lockdown?

  • During Level 3, we are operating our office, meeting space, and coffee shop. We also provide interior design consultations. 

How are you preparing for my return?

  • We have deep cleaned our space, and are sanitising it throughout the day, to ensure sanitisation and disinfection.
  • We have rearranged our seating arrangements and common areas and placed markers to promote social distancing.
  • We have secured PPE for all our staff, including masks and gloves.
  • We are providing on-going training and education to our staff around hygiene measures and government regulations.
  • We have distributed hand sanitiser across our space for members and staff to access easily.
  • We have bought an infrared thermometer to take temperatures of anybody entering the office.
  • You can find soap, hand sanitizer, paper towel dispensers, and closed bins in all bathrooms and the kitchen.
  • We will provide tissues for everybody to use. 
  • We have hung up hygiene posters in our space and information about hand hygiene.
  • We will clean all surfaces and meeting equipment (pens, remotes, etc) after each booking.
  • We will ventilate the space regularly throughout the day.

What do I need to consider if I want to use your office?

  • Please wear a mask on your way to and from the office.
  • Make sure there are only 2 other people with you in private vehicles or 70% capacity in taxis.
  • Only come to the office after 8:00 to allow our staff to take your temperature and clean prior. 
  • Wait for our staff to take your temperature at the entrance before you proceed further.
  • Use the sanitizer we provide to clean your hands upon entering the office and before/after touching anything.
  • Sit at least 1.5 meters away from other members – we will be happy to show you which desks are available.
  • Sanitize your hands before and after you touch your face, cough, or sneeze.
  • Put your dirty dishes in the plastic containers – do not wash them by hand.
  • Continue to practice social distancing and a “no touch policy” –  keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • Don’t come in if you are sick or have been exposed to someone with the virus recently.
  • Inform our management team immediately if you start showing symptoms of Covid-19.