The future of the Modern Work Space

Virtual OfficesOffice space around the world has been rapidly impacted by the recent events of COVID -19. We are seeing more companies offering to telecommute and hire staff remotely. This has negatively impacted the demand for brick and mortar offices while increasing the demand for Virtual offices, the office space of the future.Why are Virtual [...]

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4 Ways Co-Working Spaces Inspire Innovation and Collaboration

Coworking spaces are a rapidly growing means of working, popular with freelancers, startups, and small businesses worldwide. And while it may seem like fairly recent development in the working world, the concept of gathering creative and innovative minds together to form a revolutionary space for ideas to flourish isn’t an entirely new concept at [...]

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How to Support Your Small Business

For any small business, these are truly trying times. Many small businesses have been paying their staff throughout the lockdown, despite having limited or no revenue at all. While the South African government provides some funding through the UIF Covid-19 TERS fund, the application process is cumbersome, and many companies have not been paid for [...]

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Today, We Re-Opened Our Co-Working Space

Today was a good day: We re-opened Craft+Graft to Level 4 businesses! After all those weeks of complete lockdown, it felt wonderful having our members and staff back in our shared workspace – everyone looked stunning in their beautiful face masks!  While we were all happy to be out of the home and back at [...]

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