The future of the Modern Work Space

Virtual Offices

Office space around the world has been rapidly impacted by the recent events of COVID -19. We are seeing more companies offering to telecommute and hire staff remotely. This has negatively impacted the demand for brick and mortar offices while increasing the demand for Virtual offices, the office space of the future.

Why are Virtual Offices Increasing in Demand?

Co-working spaces are a rapidly growing means of office space for startups and small businesses worldwide. Cape Town offers some of the best virtual offices and co-working spaces with bespoke office designs surrounded by the heart of the mother city. 

What are the benefits of Virtual Offices?

Many people have become more aware of how important it is to minimize expenses. From technology and equipment to office services, insurance, and stationery, the list goes on. With virtual offices, you as a business owner or freelancer can save on the following expenses.  

1) Savings on rental costs

One of the largest expenses that many are faced with is office rental. This is precisely why virtual office space has become increasingly popular. These facilities ensure that businesses receive all of the benefits and perks that a professional office space offers, without having to be tied down to excessive monthly rent.

2) Savings on setup cots

With Virtual Offices, you and your company are not committed to any long-term commitments or office setup costs. Virtual offices are also bookable on an ad-hoc, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing you to adapt or upgrade as your business needs change. 

3) Professional address

Another benefit of virtual office space is that it provides a professional address and image for your company. Having a virtual office space located in Cape Town is a great way to further enhance the impression that people have of your business. 

4) Save on commuting and time

No excessive commute time for you and your team, as hot desks and private offices are available at any time. Many Cape Town co-working spaces such as Craft+Graft offer 24/7 access for your team to work whenever it is suitable for them.

Needing to have a meeting with a client? 

Virtual offices offer state-of-the-art meeting rooms and private offices available on demand. Tea and coffee and modern facilities create the perfect impression on your client meetings.

Dedicated Desk Space

Craft+Graft offers the best in inspiring and innovative Virtual Office solutions

For those who are wanting to use our desk space for a few hours or set up in one of our open office spaces, grab a coffee and enjoy the relaxing environment Craft+Graft is known for.  

In addition, Craft+Graft offers dedicated desks in a shared office environment which is the perfect solution for small teams, freelancers, or individuals. Private offices are a great option that offers lock-and-go facilities, allowing teams to have access to their dedicated desks in a shared workspace

Modern virtual offices and shared workspaces are the way of the future in Cape Town and Craft+Graft offers a great office space that feels like home. 

Book your free trial today and come and see for yourself!